Psalm 22 The Word From the Cross VII

Precious Blood which freely flowed from the Passion of Jesus which can be a hedge of protection. Blood over the lintel. Blood of the lamb at Passover and blood of The Lamb on the Cross.

Believers have an obligation of being properly informed and involved with both sacred and secular affairs. The crowd was stirred up to cry for crucifixion. They were not listening to the voice of the Father.  The lack of proper formation brought destruction and judgement on themselves and their posterity. Sin has a (40 yrs) generational implication. As followers we have a serious obligation to engage in civic affairs mitigate those poorly formed.

Barrabas symbolic of each of us. We are set free, and Christ condemned.

A tremendous error of our age is that there is freedom of both our actions and their consequences. Just as there are physical laws, there are theological laws. Grace does mitigate the consequence of sin. Man is not free to choose consequences.

The crowd had a choice. They were not fated to fall.  There could have been a cry for repentance, mercy, help in unbelief like the father & healing of his son Mk 9:24

This is why we spent some time contemplating what could have happened to the Jewish race if they had recognized the Savior. In the end, all we brought up to the same consideration, but wouldn’t it have been nice to not have the endless wars in the Middle East and rampant anti-Semitism throughout the ages? Let us take Psalm 22 as a moment of gratitude and renewed desire for service.

Solzhenitsyn Essay what can average person do. “The simple step of a courageous individual is not to take part in the lie. One word of truth outweighs the world.”

Truth belt buckle around the waist Eph 6 Armor of God

The crowd told the truth, would have outweighed the world. So easy to deceive ourselves. Culture war. Easily deceived by what is popular, trendy, social expectations. Tribalism in many ways, people scared to tell truth, don’t want to be excommunicated from the various groups.

Speak the truth interpreted as a bigot or monster. Robbing people ability to think for themselves. Caught up in fear of condemnation.

Discernment when to speak the truth. Courage is needed to speak the truth against the lie. Not easy. It is a sacrifice in many ways. Sacrifice well worth the effort.

Todah thanksgiving, Lord forsake me, ends on bold note of thanksgiving.