Psalm 40 II


  1. Superscription
  2. Account of trouble and salvation

III. Summons to worship

  1. Felicitation
  2. Personal hymn
  3. Confession
  4. Commitment
  5. Statement of Compliance
  6. Affirmation of Confidence

VII. Complaint

VIII. Petition

  1. A plea for help
  2. Imprecation
  3. Praise of Yahweh
  4. Affirmation of confidence
  5. Confidence (synonym trust or faith)
  6. Petition

Faith, confidence, trust

Deposit of Faith, body objective

Healing deliverance Lord increase my faith, do I have enough. Do I trust, do I have confidence?

Trust easier word to comprehend. Faith can scare people, almost unattainable. Faith is trust, simply as it is. Beautiful.

Security in that confidence.

How do we increase trust, confidence, faith? Define terms then application to me.

Ex/ Consistency and taking of note of past experiences we have had, helps as we move into the future, confidence will build.

Participate in trusting, allow self to see that can trust in God in the past provide and protect me, set up opportunities. Rely on memories, recalling what God has done. Don’t fear future provision, care, interaction with me. Minds false self tries to convince us not to trust God.

Vs blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord.

Prayer journaling, prayers answered, blessings given speak from our mouths how the Lord has blessed us. Passover, Paschal mystery.

Praise reports with friends builds up faith, trust, confidence.

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