Psalm 40 IV

Vs 4-5

  • Our ultimate hope is in the Lord. Not the proud, not other gods.


Augustine realized he had misappropriated his love. When his best friend died, he became tormented, left his home country Thagaste for Carthage, and was greatly disoriented.

Confessions Book IV, Chapter VII, paragraph 12. “O madness, which knowest not how to love men as men should be loved! “ pg 135

“The love of friends is good, but friends must be loved in God, not for themselves alone, for only God does not perish or change. People look for rest in the physical world and fix their hearts on things that pass away, not moving through them to recognition of the God who made them. True life and true love are found in Christ alone.” [1]

Augustine had given a depth of love that should have been reserved to God alone.

Very common, in our day, with a misunderstanding of love to love friends, position (other gods), children, spouse, pets, etc.. with love that is only for God.

“Don’t hang a hat on a peg that can’t support it”

One relationship that wont pass away.

David realizes he cannot number the innumerable blessings that the Lord has bestowed on himself and Israel (us)

Sometimes to set a timer and make a list of the blessings. Run out of time before one runs out of blessings.

Healthy perspective, remembering blessings, promotes disposition of gratitude. Antidote to coveting. Life giving, freeing.

Making the Lord his trust, recalling past works of saving help, this is blessed understanding

  • (Divine) mercy of God is multiplied which enables David’s trust

> Restatement of vs 1 why David is waiting patiently on the Lord

The Just man always keeps trust in the Lord who doesn’t fail those who trust in Him

Vs 6-8 (Heb 10:5-9)

Question, is David wrong? Doesn’t Exodus and Leviticus record this very command of God?

Golden Calf

Before the idolatry, there was no command of sacrifices and priesthood was given to all the families. Jer 7:22 “I spoke not to your fathers and I commanded them not in the day that I brought them out of the land of Egypt, concerning the matter of burnt offerings and sacrifices.”

After the calf, command of sacrifices and priesthood reserved to Levites

Easier to take Israel our of Egypt than Egypt out of Israel

A main purpose of the sacrifices was meant to break the worship of the Egyptians. David’s statement of doing the will of God from the heart would be fully realized with Jesus.

Taught often we need to ‘prove’ love to God. Tree of knowledge & tree of life, offering cleanse of sin, exist because of tree of knowledge. Intended to live in tree of live, law within my Heart ( Christ) heart fails me. Morality mindset good/evil fails short of wonder and beauty. Christ final sacrificial free of ‘obligation’ freedom for believer in the first place. We need to get Egypt/sin out of us. Faith growing in confidence and trust, not about what I do but what God has done.

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