Psalm 40 V

Vs 9- 10

Doing the will of God from our heart not from tick boxing, fear, great accountant in the sky is the sure path to happiness in this life and beatitude in the next. The fruit of doing God’s will is deliverance Exodus from sin and joy which naturally is shared in the great congregation, the church, the body of believers.

Moves to a proclamation, trust grows, body has power when share God’s goodness in our lives, builds up fellow believers and ourselves. Reminded that God is real in my life.

We should declare three things about the Divine

  • works of justice/ righteousness/ deliverance

  • teaching of truth

  • blessings of His Divine Mercy

  • publicly

  • promptly

  • purely

Boldness in proclaiming God’s goodness is a sign of confidence that the Lord works in David’s life. Prudence & obedience can be a cover for cowardice. Take to the Lord, Holy spirit for discernment.

Proclamation from actions. Actions precedes the words. How we treat other people, how we carry ourselves.

  • Vs 11-12 Appeal to Divine Mercy

Recalling how God worked personally and corporately in David’s life, he is encouraged during his tribulations.

Restatement of David’s trust in Divine Mercy But withhold not, O Lord, your tender mercies from me.

Ps 32:5, Ps 118:64 Those who enjoy grace and glory have received God’s mercy. “The earth is full of the mercy of the Lord.”

David also recognizes an impediment to God’s mercy, his own iniquities. So his trust is based on past confidence of God’s merciful care and the second he realizes he is in need of God’s help to forgive his iniquities. But evil also comes from outside of David, without number, innumerable evils surround/ encompass (Ps 117:12 like bees)

David’s heart fails him looking out the evils besetting him both interiorly and exteriorly. This is where our trust must be in the Name of the Lord who made heaven and earth. Mortal man, regardless of title, is not capable of sustaining us.

Relatable in many ways, no matter who you are can feel overwhelmed addictions, other people, can find ourselves attacked.