Psalm 40 VI

Vs 13-15

Restatement of his need for the Lord’s help. David’s trust is ultimately in the Lord. He also prays for justice done for him. Justice & mercy are convertible in God. If there is no justice, there is no mercy.

Justice is giving that what is due to the other. Sometimes, people really do desire evil things and the greater the power a person has the more evil that one can do. The Lord will hold all to account for the gifts given to them.

Ex/ Children are one of the greatest gifts. Parents will give an account of how they have raised them. Not responsible for choices of adult children but this does not excuse a capricious raising to morality.

  • be pleased, “If you want you are able” complete confidence.

  • divine justice is sought, let the evil doers be brought to shame and confusion. The punishment of sin is the effects of sin. A sure sign of sin is confusion, chaos, disorder.

  • Shame comes from realizing the offense given to God.

  • request of turning them back, redemption of his persecutors, but if not dishonor is the lot of the reprobate mind

Ex/ Garden seeds reap & sowing. Actions is the sowing with forgone consequences.

Vs 16-17 Restatement of the new song from vs 2. Great is the Lord arises from the humble soul who is seeking God. Truly David can agree with Jesus who said apart from me you can do nothing. The Lord is our help (Our help is in the Name of the Lord, who made heaven and earth). Our help is also our deliver from all that can do us harm.

Fear the one who has power over both body and soul Mat 10:28

Do not tarry, be quick. Confidence and trust that God will come to his aid.

Place of humility but the Lord takes thought for me. Trying to understand our poorness tie with remembering we are on God’s mind. The Creator thinks of me. This gives me a boldness and a new song. I am on the mind of God and what a power that is.

Love thy salvation, reference to Christ Lk 2:30 “My eyes have seen your salvation.” Simeon

Thanksgiving & praise Great is the Lord can also be understood The Lord be magnified

Isa 12:6 “Rejoice and praise, O you habitation of Zion, for great is he who is in the midst of you, the Holy One of Israel.”

David understands is utter poverty before the Lord, and he restates his need for Divine Mercy. With serene and complete confidence, he knows the Lord is a speedy help to those who call on Him.

Christ 2 Cor 8:9 For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that being rich he became poor for your sakes, that through his poverty you might be rich.”[1]

[1]  accessed October 25, 2021 excellent, excellent resource.


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