Psalm 40 VII

  1. Practical Application
  • Review the love and trust in relationships, ideas, people, and God

  • During prayer time, set a timer 5 minutes, list all the blessings the Lord has shown you

Prayer time becomes aware of need for it. Refocus alone with God, remembering what he has done, perpetual faith building. Not easy to make time, continually do it, hunger for it builds. Then lose track of time.

  • Then praise Him, in the company of your guardian angel and the heavenly hosts of saints

  • Praise Reports. Get in the habit of giving the Lord public testimony of his goodness to those who fear the Lord. In time, you might be led to unbelievers, but that is not the best place to start.

Rest in security of what God has done for me not overrun with stress and anxiety, dwelling on potential disasters that do not show up. Imaging how bad things could be.

-Telling of the works of the Lord builds up the body. Remember the works of the Lord (Passover, lives of the saints, etc.. are encouraging).

  • If you are experiencing trials and suffering, recall the prior list of interventions, especially the great work of Calvary. We neither merited or deserved the suffering and death of the God – Man, but nonetheless from His own great love for each one us He freely gave the rewards of eternal salvation through the operation of the Holy Spirit to us and to me.

Sometimes, he removes trials and sometimes he walks with us during them. Faith that he can bring good out of every situation is the posture needed. Rom 8:28

He has experienced suffering in its fullness.

  • Realizing our utter poverty without God, we can do nothing without God. He sustains us in every instant of our existence, all good, true and beautiful things originate in Him and are fulfilled in Him. We do not do it on our own, which is a great source of relief and grace.

  • Take time to thank the Lord. Attitude of gratitude strengthens our confidence that the Lord will quick come to our assistance.

  1. Exhortation to Trust in the Divine Mercy of the Lord

We can trust in the Lord, but it takes both faith and reason. Faith was never meant to go solo. Reason, looking at the various times in our life where the Lord has concretely intervened helps us to trust Him who made heaven and earth. This using of our rational nature especially during times of peace and prosperity will enable us to have confidence in Him during times of trial and hardship.

  1. A newsong of encouragement to Trust in the Lord. One observation, need the word patiently wait for the Lord.

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