Psalm 46 Power & Love III

Interesting to learn that history of the psalm. Conquering of generational curses. Samuel, ordination of King David, writing of the Psalms. Redemption rooted in gratitude even though sins of ancestors almost disconnected them.

Lion & Love, Power & Love Convertible in God, never changes, I AM

III. Authorship Not David, Two Suggestions

  1. First person plural (we) is a marker late congregational liturgical composition, possibly after the exile[1]

If we take the post exile, then ca 538-167BC (up to Maccabean Revolt). Recall the Return occurred over time in three waves. 1st return 538 BC, 2nd 525-457 BC, 3rd 444 BC.

  1. Another opinion[2] is that the Sons of Korah wrote the psalm because it says that in the superscription. I tend towards this opinion.
  2. Ultimately the Holy Spirit, God, working through men wrote the Scriptures. They are inspired, of the Spirit.

Hallelujah, thank God written by Holy Spirit and not men. We would have gotten wrong multiple times.

III. Exegesis personal reflection, then look at Thomas Aquinas, Augustine, KJV Scofield (Scofield KJV foundational text to the English peoples, as the German Bile is to the Germanic people)

[1] Erhard S. Gerstenberger, Psalms Part I with an Introduction to Cultic Poetry Vol XIV (Eerdmans: Grand Rapids, MI 1991) 194

[2]  accessed March 21, 2022 NB discernment is always needed.

Eat the meat, spit out the bones.