Psalm 56 Trust in God Under Persecution VI

12 My vows to thee I must perform, O God;
I will render thank offerings to thee.
13 For thou hast delivered my soul from death,
yea, my feet from falling,
that I may walk before God
in the light of life.

I must perform because it is right and true. When my husband does a loving deed, I ‘must’ thank him because it is right to do so.

We perform vows to things every day. Fear of God, set heart in right place, my true vow is to God. Immediate, first dedication to the Lord

See a clear Christological reference and our own hope for the life to come. Death where is your sting? 1 Cor 15:55

Light of life, Revelations, God himself will be their lamps/ light.


Do not fear/ Perfect love casts out fear 1 Jn 4:18

365 verses do not fear

V8 God thinks of us

V3 trust in God/ V12 must give thank offerings cf (Ps 22)

Over flows remember how good God has been to us. Prayer journal, personal prayer requests fulfilled.

We forget our own tossing and struggles and forget how Gd took care of us. Practical way to create memory book.