Psalms 51 Pathway for Sinning Saint I

  1. Historical Setting

Book II of Psalms (42-72) The triumphs of David

Many psalms of this book end in praise of God as he delivers David from sins, sickness, and enemies, ending with David’s old age and Solomon’s rule. David notes his every triumph by God’s mercy and power.[1]

[Difference in that time most kings in David’s an affair would have been nothing. David’s posture sets him apart and his aware of mercy. Saw his flaws, rather than blinded by his royal power].

  1. Authorship David approx. 1000 BC

III. Salvation History

David Covenant & Kingdom

Recall the prior covenants

Adam & Eve Couple Gen 1-3

Noah Family Gen 9

Abraham Tribe Gen 15,17, & 22

Moses Nation Ex 24

*David Kingdom 2 Sam 7

[Jesus, Church, Universal Jew & Gentile]

Process, detail God puts into everything. Gradual expansion to include everyone. He knows how to teach us.

  1. United Royal Kingdom Saul, David, Solomon
  2. Saul

People tire of YHWH as ruler through the judges and prophets, so they ask for a king like the other nations. Samuel anoints Saul 1 Sam 10. Saul’s weakness, fear of the people, disobeys and offers sacrifice. 1 Sam 13-15

Trades eternal vision for earthy one. Disobeys again spares life of the Amalekite king. Saul’s kingdom stripped from him for his sin and inability to ask for forgiveness. 1 Sam 15:22 To obey is better than sacrifice. Saul’s response 1 Sam 15:30 “Honor me before the … Israel.” He should be focused on being honored before God as we shall see in Psalm 51.

[1] John Bergsma and Brant Pitre, A Catholic Introduction to the Bible- Volume I The Old Testament (Ignatius Press: San Francisco 2018) 370