Psalms & Civic Responsibilities Perennial Advice from the Wisdom Literature II

  1. Decide what you are interested in. Like at a library, I determine what I want to do before going. I sometimes find different types of books once I am there. That is fine. But don’t be lazy or superstitious, crack open the Bible at random spots and treat it like a fortune cookie. The days of lukewarm or slothful Christians must come to an end.
  2. Librarian- Good Commentary to guide and answer questions
  3. Take notes, interact with the text.

Jesus Christ lens to read Bible through. OT makes sense through lens of Incarnation.

Nothing wasted in Bible. Without larger understanding of Bible, miss the point of it. Mysticism, book so full of endless treasure, mystery novel that never ends. Not a schoolbook, but the marrow of life. In depth explanation why things are the way there are and redemption of humanity only scratch the surface. God is so good.