Peacock: Progressives’ Coordinated Cover-Up for Renewables

A disaster that need not have happened. “ The Texas Legislature can restore sanity to the Texas electric grid by eliminating all subsidies and benefits for

Nothing Spells COVID “RELIEF” Quite Like $100 Million for an Underground Electric Train for Silicon Valley

“ To “prevent, prepare for, and respond to coronavirus”. The bill funds $1 billion for projects under Section 3005(b) of Public Law 114-94, the “Fixing America’s

The Imitation of Christ Thomas A Kempis III

VII What: 4 Books compromise the overall work. Kempis wrote many texts in his life. Some scholars will compare the Imitation of Kempis to that

Sid Miller: ‘We Should Never Build Another Wind Turbine in Texas’

Sid- Abbott needs to be fired. “ Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller is expressing his disappointment with Gov. Greg Abbott’s Public Utility Commission appointees for their

Quantum finance primer | BOSS Magazine

FYI “ The value of a dollar is constantly changing, especially relative to other currencies. Especially in an increasingly cashless society reliant on credit, money is

The Wedding Trip – 2001 VI

After a short memory loss, I finally located the old familiar Holiday Inn. I still felt like I knew the town like the back of

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