Technology News

“The researchers are now calling for more observations to look for ‘Oumuamua-like visitors to the Solar System. “A survey for lightsails as technosignatures in the Solar System

Laity Response

The horror show continues. How much $$ has my family unwittingly given to abortion groups? Those who undermine Christ’s clear teaching? “The U.S. bishops publish the

A Texas November Odyssey- 1990 Part I

Wednesday, Nov. 7, 1990 On the road again … how I yearn to be on the road again. Got them itchy feet. Ol’ Baleau is

Ashton VSG Corona Gorda 

52×6 $11.65 Toasted oats, sweet clover, hay Dark chocolate brown wrapper  Draw good, smooth, moderately high nicotine  Duration 1 1/2hr Libation  Moroccan Mint Tea

Health News

Enquiring minds want to know. “If the vaccines work, why would all of those people inoculated still be susceptible to getting the disease? “ “If

The Testimony

The information continues to pile up, all supporting Vigano’s claims, yet no investigation is announced. A 3 day bishop’s meeting has been postponed to February

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