What is at the Heart of Liberty?

Part II The third period of philosophy from 1600-1800 AD, known as Modern Philosophy occurred during the time of the Enlightenment. The understanding of what

What is at the Heart of Liberty?

Part I Man can be understood from a variety of perspectives: physical, spiritual, and psychological. Of the many attributes man has, perhaps none is more

A Comparison of Plato & Aristotle Epistemologies

Epistemology comes from two Greek words- episteme (knowledge) and logos (reason, word, study), which taken together means study of knowledge. Within, philosophy, epistemology is the

Plato Meets Christ

Theology can either encourage or discourage a rigorous understanding of philosophy. This in turn can have some unexpectedly profound consequences. By briefly considering two different

Philosophy Supports Theology in Evangelization

Of all the life forms on earth, only man is considered a rational animal. This rationality can be expressed in both the natural and spiritual

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