Plato Meets Christ

Theology can either encourage or discourage a rigorous understanding of philosophy. This in turn can have some unexpectedly profound consequences. By briefly considering two different

Philosophy Supports Theology in Evangelization

Of all the life forms on earth, only man is considered a rational animal. This rationality can be expressed in both the natural and spiritual

Authentic Sign: Son & Mother

The Lady takes the Castilian roses, fragrant and beautiful, and arranges them in Juan Diego’s tilma. The Queen Mother instructs Juan to show the sign

Juan Diego & The Lady: Fourth Dialogue

  Juan rounds the hill and sees the Lady, still surrounded by rays of light but this time standing on a crescent moon which is

Juan Diego: True or False, Bishop Must Discern

Don Fray Juan de Zumarraga was a Franciscan priest and the bishop of Mexico City in 1531. The Franciscans led the charge of evangelization of

Our Lady of Guadalupe and Juan Diego: The First Dialogue

Juan Diego is hurrying to his ongoing catechism class at the Franciscan mission just north of Mexico City on a cold morning on December 9,

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