Catholic Art What is it? V

Reformation, a return to Iconoclasm 1500’s new waves of image destruction led to Baroque and Rococo styles emphasizing beauty as a transcendental. The gold flourishes

Spring of 2003 VI

Without exception, every trip that I’ve taken has had at least one “first” of some kind or another, and what happened next had to be

Was the VAX a Con?

“ A week after the announcement CTH said, “I would not be surprised to see nothing more ever said about this “National Employment Vaccine Mandate””, and

Catholic Art What is it? IV

313 Edict of Milan Heresy Iconoclasm, 726-843 AD 2 waves of outbursts of destruction because of a rigid interpretation of the second commandment. One aspect

Audit the Vote

“ Weston Martinez, a Republican candidate for Texas Land Commissioner, who also played a key role of exposing the illegal ballot harvesting scheme perpetrated by Raquel Rodriquez that

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