Who Is Running the Hierarchial Church?

Dear friends, I saw the following article in Life Site Newshttps://www.lifesitenews.com/episodes/why-is-there-a-painting-of-a-nude-jesus-ministering-to-judas-in-pope-francis-study . What does one expect from JMB? I call your attention to two sources of

Election oddities in Tarrant County turning blue are mind-blowing, Smartmatic ties?

“ Tarrant County, Texas turned blue this year, three days after election day, for the first time since the 1960s. Interesting information about Tarrant County has been lighting

The Imitation of Christ Thomas A Kempis II

Who: Kempis (1379-1471, 92 yrs) was a Novice Master for his monastic community. This is a very important position in a monastery. It both insures

No Scientific Evidence that Masks do Anything! Sweden Banning Masks | Armstrong Economics

“ Officials in Halmstad municipality, Sweden, recently forced a teacher to remove their mask and prohibited the use of masks and all forms of PPE in schools.

Civics Class In Session

Dear friends, Join me as I study the founding documents of our great country, The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. A video link is

Michigan Removed 177,000 Voters from Voter Rolls in January After Certifying Biden Won Michigan by 154,000 Votes in November

“Michigan now admits after ‘certifying’ the 2020 Presidential election, that more voters should be removed from their voter rolls than there were votes won by

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