A Prayer Over Property


There is no special prayer for this, but since we are all sons and daughters of God and empowered by our Baptism and Confirmation we can certainly take authority over any powers of darkness and demand they leave what belongs to us, including our property. Then we can call down God’s blessing and protection over it. As you walk the perimeter and sprinkle blessed salt and/or holy water I would simply say something in this vein:  

I claim this property and all its structures and inhabitants for the Lord, Jesus Christ. I command all spirits that are not of the Lord, all demonic spirits, and all Satanic spirits to depart from here immediately, completely, and with no manifestation, and I command you to go to the presence of Jesus in the nearest Tabernacle to be sent by Him wherever you are to go! Your sphere of influence over this place and all us is now completely broken!  I now ask You, Lord Jesus, to be Lord of this entire place and all who dwell here. I consecrate this property, this home and all its inhabitants to You for Your greater glory, and the glory of the Father and the Holy Spirit. Cover this place and all who dwell here with Your Most Precious Blood that we may all live in safety, peace, and holiness of life. St. Michael, the Archangel, I ask you to send and station your holy angels as guards over this property to keep away all the powers of darkness and protect us from all the wiles and deceits of the Evil One.  I ask all this in the holy Name of Jesus. Amen