Analogy of a Garden to a Catholic Life: Episode 4

Who do you say that I am? Mk 8:29

Analogy of a Garden to a Catholic Life Practical Tips

Garden, a lot of work before see flowers in bloom, consoling to mothers, garden in process of becoming can look like a disaster, have the master plan, garden of virtues, early muck, necessary means to the end.

Beautiful bouquet, looks nice in the vase for a day or two, want deep roots, healthy soils, planting perennials not annuals.

St. Peter Damian, Sex Summit opening, Mk Who do You say that I am? Famous poll by JC, closest disciples asked. Till the soil before having the flowers.

Christian life, who do you say that I am, that gives the model of where the garden to grow, goal is more like Him. Need to know who He is. He gives answers.

Confessions of St. Augustine in a garden sing song verse Rom 13:13 hears interiorly personal encounter with JC encounter with JC as Lord

(Epileptic father) Lord help my unbelief, Teresa real prayer is honest prayer

Unsureness, uncertainty, were one is weak, He will be strong, seems like a low moment, no immediate beauty but one has hope. Profundity of Christ comes to Augustine in the garden, poignant symbol of life of Christian in many ways. Sin, joy, prayer moments in garden.

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