Analogy of Garden to Community of Believers: Episode 5

Cultivate a Catholic Family, Church with analogy to Church cultivating garden of graces

Keep ourselves hopeful, is by looking at others garden done, digging in the mud, interested in different types of gardens, search those out, study them, how plants & soils

Same for friendships, look to families already bloomed, water was the soil, water

All work without a road map. Journey as pilgrims.

Best practices, presupposes what it looks like.

All 8 children in the Church, various vocations, faithful practicing Catholics.

Who do I say Christ is >> What do I say the Church is, transmission of the faith

Random, Mystical Body, By Him, Through Him, For Him. Prior image in ones mind determines the friends, plants

Proverb Found a good friend found a treasure. Costs inherent in building garden. Need resources, treasures good friends, holy souls, those committed to working in the ground, learn from them, Community of believers. Hard to plant alone. Christian life goal to transform the world.

Gardening is collaborative effort, not a single effort. Catholic culture is a community.