Eucharist Liturgy What did Jesus do? What did Peter do? I

Part I Old Testament, Jewish Liturgy

  1. Beginning of Lent
  • Suggested one, be available to the graces offered in the Sacraments esp Baptism & Eucharist

  • An excellent way to heighten understanding and appreciation is to consider the Old Testament, New Testament, Apostolic & Patristic Period sources

  1. Old Testament Sourcing
  • Inspired, inerrant

  • New Testament hidden in the Old Testament

  • Customs and theology OT bedrock of Jesus and the Apostles

  • Some practices archaic to us, helpful to use non-Scriptural sources

III. Fr. James L Meagher, D.D.

  • Doctorate given by Leo XIII

  • President of the Christian Press Association Publishing Company in New York

  • 1906, 440 pages with references and detailed index, How Christ Said the First Mass, Tan publishing

  • A time very similar to ours: Modernism, Atheism, Moral Relativism is on the march.

  • Pius X Pascendi Dominici Gregis (On the Doctrines of Modernism) 1907

  • Fr. Meagher takes objections that modern man would propose

  1. Fr. Meagher’s thesis “Little addition was made to the Ordinary of the Mass handed down from the days of St. Peter, Founder of our Liturgy.[1]

> With exquisite detail Fr. Meagher will demonstrate how Jews of Jesus’ generation would have expected a highly ritualized sacrificial liturgy. Though it is outside the purview of his text, I note that it would have been the mindset of pagans/Gentile converts in the ANE to expect a ritualized service. In addition to understanding the Mass of Peter, understanding the Jewish roots of the liturgy is a solid refutation against the heresy of Marcion, which is always present.

  • Father will use the Old Testament as his primary source. “Ceremonies seen today in the Mass came down from the Hebrew Rites God established through Moses and the great men of the Old Testament.”[2]

  • “Last Supper combined in one ceremonial the patriarchal worship, tabernacle, Temple, the synagogue, all united in one feast the Hebrews call Passover, which Christ fulfilled and changed into the Mass.”[3] This conclusion is similar when NT and Apostolic/ Patristic sources considered.

  • The Tabernacle and its ceremonial came from God himself.

  • OT pattern: Shekina = Holy Spirit= Divine Presence (limiting to liturgy)

Directs Moses to deliver the Jews

Covered Sinai, gave the Law, Priesthood, ceremonies, tabernacle all given in minute detail Ex 12[4]

  • Messiah appear, Shekina would speak, i.e. John the Baptist, Ascension, Pentecost[5]

  • God established daily sacrifice with the Tabernacle & Temple for perpetual oblation Ex 29.43[6]

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