Formation of Conscience- The Will of the Father I

Modernism, errors in regard to conscience, confusion & error has locus in modernism. Synthesis of heresies.

Salvation history, plan of man, you & I, God wants to enter into relationship with us as Father.

I The Will of Elohim (God the Creator) is to be Yahweh (God the Father)

  • This is a fundamental Christian principle distinct from other beliefs

II Relationship involves both freedom and knowledge.

III. Knowledge that permeates not only our intellect but our heart or conscience (Hebrew).

Conscience=This word (from the Latin conscientia, meaning “moral sense” or “self-knowledge”) refers to a person’s inner awareness of the moral aspects or ethical dimensions of human action: thus, conscience is a person’s internal; judgement of whether a specific action is right or wrong. Christians are bound to follow their conscience- to do good and to avoid evil.

CCC #1776-1782 2nd edition

Ex/ walk backwards on a trail. Wisdom uses knowledge properly. Nominalism is an error that feeds into Modernism. Good and evil cannot be renamed. Must be named in light of the Will of the Father.