Fr. Donald Kloster on Traditionis Custodes (July 28, 2021)

This week (July 28) on The Open Door, panelists Jim Hanink and Mario Ramos-Reyes discuss Pope Francis’s Traditionis Custodes and its import for what Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI termed “The Extraordinary Rite.” Our welcome and returning guest is Fr. Donald Kloster. We are familiar with his role in preparing the Traditional Latin Mass National Survey. Among the questions we will consider are the following. As always, you are invited to suggest your own.

1. Just what does Pope Francis’s Traditionis Custodes say? What restrictions does it enjoin?

2. How authoritative is Traditionis Custodes? Might it simply be replaced by another papal motu proprio?

3. Pope Francis finds that the implementation of the Extraordinary Rite has led divisiveness. Do you see evidence of this problem?

4. Good trees bear good fruit. What do you see as the good fruit of the Traditional Latin Mass? Has it contributed to growth within the Church?

5. What have been some of the more significant responses to Francis’s motu proprio? What does Canon 87 say?

6. Need it be that the Extraordinary Rite reduces the active participation of the laity?

7. For the sake of comparison, does the Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom work against the active participation of the laity.

8. Does Traditionis Custodes affect your own ministry?

9. There has been discussion of prudent and pastoral dialogue with regard to Traditionis Custodes. Could you sketch for us how such dialogue might develop?

10. Fast forward to 2030. How fares the Traditional Latin Mass?

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