Interior Freedom VIII

VIII. The Present Moment [one of the most useless Christmas’ Presents, 2020 daily planner]

Essential condition of interior freedom is living in the present moment. Accept the past, place the future in God’s hands, what we objectively have is the now. We can’t change the past. And the future, though prudently planned for can go awry. 2020 daily planner.

God= is the eternal present.[1] Faith required to trust in God. Not be burdened by the past or fearful of the future.

“The ladder of perfection has only step, the one we take to today.”[2] We can decide today to have trust (faith), hope, charity. Good resolutions relying on God’s strength to fulfill these good desires.

Key to happiness zero expectation. Everything is a gift when not expecting.

Suffering occurs only in one moment. Leave tomorrows care for tomorrow. Don’t project the what ifs.

Live in the moment instead of waiting for the what if of tomorrow.

God meets us in the here and now. Within the depths of one’s soul, there is a perception of communion with God’s will. Saints lived in this interior time of now with God, regardless of exterior circumstances. They developed their ear to the Holy Spirit. We can too!

This moment given to us out of total love. Gratitude for the gift.

IX Key Chapter Faith, Hope & Love CRITICAL CHAPTER Spiritual weapons

Restatement of thesis statement, “We can only acquire interior freedom to the degree we develop these three virtues (faith, hope, love).”[3]

Defines terms

Virtue = virtus = faith strength for us. Free gift but we need to accept it. Faith makes us cling to the truths in Sacred Scripture. Tells of God’s mercy and goodness.

Hope = confidence in the faithfulness of God who will fulfill his promises, confidence gives us strength. Effort to not fear. Know our weakness (Peter’s denial) and rely on God’s mercy, Divine Mercy. Radical experience of our poverty. Therese’, “God gives according to our hope”. Hope is born in poverty of spirit, a lack of something.

Charity = courage to love God and neighbor

The theological virtues cannot be separated.

Christians = people who believe in God, hope for everything from Him, and want to love Him with all their hearts and to love their neighbors.

Poverty>hope> see God

Lack leads to mercy of God.

Commandments, sacraments, prayer, and all graces form God have one purpose to increase our faith, hope, love[4]

Our freedom and God’s grace cooperate. God’s gift and our action. Not Pelagianism. Not sola fides.

Rosary, an aid to developing the theological virtues. Reflecting on or Lord’s life and work in Our Lady’s life a boon.

Rosary Scripture on beads. Engages intellect and imagination. Going to Jesus is beautiful. Mary is the bringer of Jesus. Don’t be afraid of Jesus being brought to you. He is her flesh and blood.

Charity- give & receive. Received from Blessed Mother gift of her Son. Sometimes incapable going to Jesus, others bring Him to us. Mary and the saints because in heaven bearers of Christ to us.

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