Love Episode 4

Thomas Aquinas

“The law of divine love is the standard for all human actions”. 

“It is evident that not all are able to labor at learning and for that reason Christ has given a short law. Everyone can know this law and no one may be excused from observing it because of ignorance. This is the law of divine love. As scripture says, The Lord will quickly execute sentence upon the earth. 

This law should be the standard for all human actions. In the case of products of human manufacture, each product is considered right and good when it conforms to a standard. So also each human act is considered right and virtuous when it conforms to the standard of divine love. But when a human act does not conform to the standard of love, then it is not right, nor good, nor perfect.

This law of divine love accomplishes in a person fourthings that are much to be desired.

First, it is the cause of one’s spiritual life. For it is evident that by the very nature of the action what is loved is in the one who loves. Therefore whoever loves God possesses God in himself; for scripture says, Whoever remains in love remains in God and God in him. It is the nature of love to transform the lover into the object loved. And so if we love God, we ourselves become divinized; for again, Whoever is joined to God becomes one spirit with him. 

Augustineadds, “As the soul is the life of the body, so God is the life of the soul.” Thus the soul acts virtuously and perfectly when she acts through charity, and through charity God lives in her; indeed, without charity she cannot act; for scripture says, Whoever does not love, remains in death. If a person possesses all the gifts of the Holy Spirit, but lacks charity, that person has no life.

For it matters not whether one has the grace of tongues, or the gift of faith, or any other gift such as prophecy; these do not bring life without charity. Even if a dead body should be adorned with gold and precious jewels, it nevertheless remains dead.

Grace possible to be out of grace, i.e. mortal sin, Aquinas a Catholic mindset of being ‘dead’ mortis, mortal.  Economy of salvation relies on sacramental understanding.  God allows man dignity to participate in his own salvation. Deficit of grace in post-sacramental world, devoid of efficacious action.  Referencing Aquinas a dead body dressed with gold. Realizing this paucity, it behooves those who do see this to be more virtuous, more united in the Eucharist, and unite sufferings to Christ.

Hope & joy found in this movement of the soul. We truly can be a candle in a very dark situation.


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