Love Episode 6

Practical Application


  1. Time is the currency of relationship. How much time is devoted to prayer daily?

Can’t love what we don’t know. Only way to know God is to spend time. Boethius Consolation of Philosophy“Can’t make time, only spend it.” Time with God always bear fruit. The soul is filled with God and thus will have something to give to others.

  1. Formation- Hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit, are you growing in your knowledge of Him?

>>Ex, Immaculate Conception & Holy Spirit, The Marian Teachings of St. Maximilian Kolbe, thank you Sara

God is gracious to the soul who seeks Him, longs to be found

Satan does not want the soul to find God. Satan is a real person, individual substance with a rational nature, Boethius.  His decision rejects God, becomes an enemy. History of Church spans millennia. Seek out formation that does not contradict this body of wisdom.

  1. Regular worthy reception of the Sacraments? Keeps us tethered to Truth. Forgiveness essential to formation, “Don’t let the sun go down on your wrath.”

Examination of Conscience before bedtime

Times of prayer help to discern between love (hard) and enabling (easy)

People within the Church show authentic love even during hard times

Grow a thick skin