Smoke of Satan II

Smoke & Incense

Infernal & Heavenly

Gamaliel insightful end up fighting against God

The Latin Mass converted the world, illiterate or sophisticated, going against that historical fact

Friends of TLM sorrowful seeing anguish.

We live in fallen world, sorrow, Good Friday, deliberate sorrow easily avoided, to me I am infuriated

Engenders sympathy and righteous anger at arrogance of those suppressing the TLM

Reporter for Lifesite News astounded by stats in the article

9% NO attends vs 99% TLM

Dismiss the stats out of hand, spiritual laziness

Demonic Manipulation opinions don’t make sense

Before 1965 80% going, 10% now go

When we were kids, society at fault for these low numbers

Now TLM disrupts this argument, same neighborhoods, same schools, same culture, hold to faith 98%

Some NO exceptions, extremely rare

Norm, not extremely rare in TLM is youth

Hard to admit it one is wrong

Springtime of the Church & the ner’ do wells die out. Biological Effect. No die off the regime.


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