Smoke of Satan III

Bishop so many programs failed recent articles in diocesan paper programs failing since Vatican II, introduces another program

Tone deafness, evaluate from a traditional POV

Missionaries did 4 or 5 things

Adoration, Processions, TLM, home visits, preach outdoors parks centers where people walk by

Programs cannot and will not work

Comment on the Anglican Use

Numbers, lost 4 parishes, no numbers last 2 years, better than NO, not in same ballpark as TLM

Demons don’t fear English, not a language from the cross. French, German any vernacular language

Growing exponentially. No new parishes founded in 7-8 yrs. No Vatican restrictions.

TLM have Vatican restrictions, without would have kept growing fast clip.

Poland, Brazil, allowing more Masses TC, bishop mor gumption, still growing.


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