Banana Republic

“I’m not talking about his birth certificate, which in my opinion was a complete forgery, but I can’t prove that. I’m talking about the consequences of his presidency.

We witnesses an Islamic caliphate spreading throughout the Middle East. We saw historic antagonism towards our long-term ally, the Jewish State of Israel. We saw the complete corruption of the American Executive Branch, with spillover effects into Congress and the Judiciary branch.

We saw the awesome power of the federal government directed against Obama’s political opposition.

We have seen a treasonous coup against a sitting president of the United States.

All of this was directed from the top, by Hussein himself. Anyone who is intellectually honest would have to admit that. This was a covert operation directed by the ultimate Manchurian candidate against you and me, our neighbors, and our children’s future.

The only way America can move forward is to admit what happened, root out all the bad actors in our government, and re-establish the republic.

It will be difficult, and may seem impossible, but has been done before, after our last brutal civil war.”

If they can do this to billionaire Trump, who else can they get?

“It is becoming more apparent by the day to all except hard-core Democrat voters that Robert Mueller a) was never really the ‘stand-up guy’ and Boy Scout he was made out to be; and b) that the report he filed with the Justice Department to close out his special counsel probe of POTUS Donald Trump was pure garbage.

In a bombshell report Thursday, ace investigative reporter John Solomon wrote in The Hill that a key figure Mueller mentioned in his report as having ties to Russia and, by default, to the 2016 Trump campaign, was actually an intelligence source for the State Department.

Let’s say that again: He was a deep state source for the U.S. government, not an ally of Comrade Putin and the Kremlin.”

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