Banana Republic

Where leaders are selected not elected. “Somehow, the Times, other media outlets, and Democrats have absolutely no concern about the abuse of power by the FBI and say it is Trump who should be investigated, even though there is no evidence that Trump did anything wrong. If the FBI is willing to destroy Trump and others surrounding him because they wanted Hillary to be president, what would it be willing to do to other people? Tyranny creeps in on secret FBI investigations, leaked when it is convenient to the plotters seeking to oust a duly elected president of the United States. “

“There is also mounting evidence that hiding facts is common in deep state political crusades.  A recent column by Marty Watters and Lee Cary exposes Mueller’s long history of improperly hiding evidence.  The column begins, “During his twelve-year reign as FBI Director, Robert Mueller not only protected his criminal friends by silencing those who could expose their bad acts, he projected his friends’ crimes onto others.”

One example cited is the case of William Campbell, who infiltrated Russia’s State Nuclear Energy Corporation, Rosatom, for the FBI.  Over a period of eight years, he documented the bribery and money-laundering involved in Russia’s effort to get access to U.S. uranium assets.  Massive donations were made to the Clinton Foundation, and absurdly high speaking fees were given to Bill Clinton by those who planned to profit from the deal.

“The reason you have not heard Campbell’s story is that FBI director Mueller forbade him to go public. Attorney General Loretta Lynch threatened Campbell with jail if he told the truth. The truth was hidden, and the deal went through.”