Banana Republic News Update

“Moreover, if indictments of the Obama Bureaucrats who confected this nonsense and tried to cover it up don’t follow quickly on the release of the Inspector General’s report — now due May 8 — it is hard to imagine how much more contempt we will have for claims that we must respect the judicial system.”Equal justice under the law?

“All of this leads us back to a reconsideration of what is reason?  It appears that “reason” is whatever suits the powerful at any given moment.  Would Samantha Power “stoop to anything” in order to prevent Donald Trump from becoming president?  Someone who is a monster at one moment may at another moment be an imperative ally.  What might seem like a plain breaking of the law in one case may appear different to someone being employed by that lawbreaker in the future.”The War on Reason

A concise but thorough analysis. Makes a nice drinking game.Updated Review of Page/ Strzok texts

Fake News. Fake FBI. FBI Director: Agency’s ‘brand’ ‘couldn’t be higher’Fake FBI News