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Tempting but I disagree. A 2-pronged response is crucial. Prosecute to fullest extent or the law anyone calling for civil violence & vote for those interested in rule of law. Self-preservation.

“So don’t censure this crazy lady.  It’s true that Representative Waters is obscene and as crazy as it gets.  However, keep her talking, because she is contributing to the demise of today’s Democratic Party.”

“Another pull quote: “Almost every problem in the world — be it corruption, an economic crash, mass poverty, or a civil strife — can be traced back to ‘experts’ at Harvard,” and the reason the piece appealed to me is because I think it’s true. I think Harvard and Yale…”

These people are not random aggrieved citizens. Who pays them? Who organizes them? How many are there? Don’t buy the propaganda peddled. Don’t be divided.

Prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. Was Man seeing a therapist? Who is behind this planned attack?

Man is charged with a threatening to murder a member of the immediate family of a US official with the intent to intimidate or interfere with such official while engaged in the performance of official duties, or with the intent to retaliate against such official on account of the performance of official duties.”

Where is the taped conversation of Bill & Loretta on the tarmac?

Inspector General Horowitz interviewed Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton, yet he NEVER interviewed their security detail!

Horowitz just took Lynch’s word that the tarmac meeting was unplanned. 

Secret Service would never let an ex-president have a chance tarmac meeting without doing ADVANCE security checks, says Paul Sperry.”

Not accidental. Not about the grandkids. Where is the taped recording?

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