FBI: A failed institution

FBI News: If the FBI was going to arrest you, when and how do you think they would do it? Civilized and calm or a jackbooted pounding on the door at 2 in the morning?

“needs to take a look at the preponderance of evidence that this purported LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY has become weaponized against the American people, and take swift and appropriate action.”FBI weaponized


FBI a long time failed institution. They need to be disbanded, reorganized, given less tasks, including coordinating a coupe against a lawfully seated president.

““In spite of all of those things and more, this 19 year-old who could not purchase a beer at the corner 7-11 managed to pass the FBI background check to legally purchase a semi-automatic rifle from a local gun dealer.  Apparently, all that violent behavior and mental health issues raised no red flags with the nation’s “premier law enforcement agency,” which the FBI loves to call itself.”

“ Perhaps the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms or U.S. Marshalls service have personnel who actually care about protecting human lives. ….

Because the FBI is just too darn busy with its political, election-reversing priorities to be bothered with such mundane duties any longer.” FBI hinders law enforcement


A good start but insufficient response. FL Gov calls for FBI chief to resign

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