My friends, if the FBI can hound a powerful man with incredible resources, what can they do to you or me? This incredibly dangerous ongoing action has profound consequences.

“In the absence of any public statements from Robert Mueller’s team or the FBI or DOJ – just leaks to pet media outlets – we can only speculate as to the motives for a thermonuclear escalation of tactics being used against President Trump, in the effort to reverse the presidential election of 2016. They have extended the fishing expedition to include seizure of protected communications between the president and his lawyers, now in the hands of the FBI, the same agency that has been stonewalling Congressional investigation  into its behavior in launching the surveillance of the Trump campaign in charges of collusion with Russia. It should be noted that no evidence whatsoever of such collusion has been developed and made public, which has to be a deep embarrassment at a minimum.”

“There is an election is 4-plus months, in which control of the House of Representatives and the Senate is at stake. Even if the evidence developed out of the raid is thrown out of court in any resulting prosecution, that is irrelevant. What is important is the ammunition to be developed and leaked to pet media outlets that can be used to sway voters to elect an impeachment Congress.”Why raid Trump’s lawyer now?

Another sample, one of many.

“This is the overall point of hypocrisy: How can the FBI raid a Michael Cohen until it raids a Bill Clinton, a Hillary Clinton, a Clinton Foundation?

And how are Americans supposed to trust the FBI until all lawbreakers are treated equally because in 2018, they certainly are not. Look at Andrew McCabe and his wife. Look at Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. Look at the hundreds of stories uncovering FBI corruption in True Pundit alone.

Did Cohen send thousands of classified and top secret emails to other recipients while maintaining a rogue government server in his basement?” FBI rank & file slam raid of Trump’s attorney’s office

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