Intersection of Garden of Graces and Civics with Miracle Micah

Dear Friends,

I listened to this well-reasoned presentation this morning.

CassCorrea on Rumble gives a succinct summary of the current situation in the USA, a meaningful and reasonable course of action, within an analogy of planting a garden. You will note many corresponding themes with my website Fides et Ratio.

Following up on these well-articulated suggestions is We the People emailing our legislature about upcoming bills. In response to the very limited access to the Texas Capitol during the current session, a means of emailing by We the People has been provided with the following link.

I propose for your immediate consideration, asking for a vote of NO on HB3 (voting on Wednesday 3/10 currently slated) concerning expanding the power of the governor during a pandemic.

Other bills of personal interest can be found. This is ability to directly email our legislators during active session for public record is new. Do not miss the opportunity.


New this Session! Provide written public comments from home:

**Please indicate “self” in the “Organization/Representing” field.

Additionally, email or call you representative. If you have a terrible representative ignore him/herand call a good one. Here are the links necessary.

Your State Representative

Directory found here:

Not sure what district you’re in? Look it up here first:


HB 3 is scheduled to be heard in the State Affairs Committee March 11.

This bill grants sweeping pandemic emergency authority to the governor, including the power to divert public funds, commandeer private property, and control the movement of individuals.

Furthermore, this bill provides that the legislature may terminate a declaration of pandemic disaster at any time, but does not provide a mechanism or requirement to call the legislature back into session should they not be in a session during a pandemic. As we saw in 2020, the governor is the only one who can call a special session, and the legislature was rendered impotent to act as a check on the executive branch.

The members of the State Affairs Committee

Directory found here: