Let’s stop vote stealing in Texas!

Urgent “Take Action” Alert
State Senate Hearings
 for Election Integrity Bills
are scheduled for 9 AM
 Friday, March 26!
The following list of State Senators are on the State Affairs Committee and need to hear from all of you before the hearing on Friday! If a staffer says, “you don’t live in our district,” remind them that this committee has the power to advance or kill election integrity bills, which means they need to hear from Texans outside their districts!  But, if you live in the district of one of these committee members, be sure to emphasize that you do!

For all of you on social media, be sure to send a message to these Senators!  We have their FB and Twitter accounts listed in the chart below!  (other social media accounts are not readily available for legislators) Believe me, they pay attention to being tagged on social media.

Bryan Hughes, R, Chairman
Brian Birdwell, R, Vice-Chair
Sen. Donna Campbell, R
Sen. Bob Hall, R
Sen. Eddie Lucio, Jr., D
Sen. Jane Nelson, R
Sen. Beverly Powell, D
Sen. Charles Schwertner, R
Sen. Judith Zaffirini, D
Contact information is at the end of this email!
Key Election Integrity Bills scheduled for Friday’s hearing:

  1. SB 7, by Sen. Hughes and co-authored by 12 Republican Senators, is strong on dealing with mail-in balloting, protects poll watchers, and ends drive-through voting.Weakness: leaves Secretary of State (SOS) with the ability to set election standards and waive law.

Please call the Republican committee members and ask them to support SB 7 with this change: prohibit election laws from being waived by the Secretary of State or any authority outside the constitutional authority of the legislature!

  1. SB 1112 by Paul Bettencourt (R-Houston), prohibits the suspension of signature verification. Again, please call to support SB 1112 but ask committee members to add the Secretary of State to the list of officials not allowed to provide waivers for signature verification!
  2. SB 1340 by Dawn Buckingham (R-Lakeway) codifies specific measures to prevent noncitizen voter registration and voting.Mandates that at least twice each year, the Secretary of State shall use the US Dept. of Homeland Security database of noncitizens living in Texas to identify noncitizens whose voter registrations should be canceled and shall take all appropriate actions for removal; sets out the process for removing the deceased from voter rolls; specifies the use of interstate cross check to prevent voting in more than one state. Requires DPS to forward to the Secretary of State files of applicants for a TX Driver’s License or ID card who identify as not being a citizen of the US so that voter registration rolls can be checked! Call to strongly support this bill!    

Please – if you take ANY action this week, do this tonight and Thursday!  Our voter rolls have not been verified since voters empowered the Republican Party to hold all the statewide offices (Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, etc.) and both the House and Senate in 2003. That is sickening and offensive!  If people are not legal to vote – they should NOT be on our voter rolls!

Watch the State Affairs Committee hearing Friday, March 26 at 9 AM by clicking this link: https://www.senate.texas.gov/av-live.php

Let’s fight together to save Texas!  Go get ‘em!

JoAnn Fleming
Executive Director
Grassroots America – We the People PAC

PS Yes, we know there are hearings in the House Thursday for Election Integrity bills. HB 6 is being worked on to remove significant flaws that keep us from supporting that bill. These Senate bills are the most important ones based on strategic planning to secure Texas elections – not just pass a show bill!