RINO Abbott

Carlson, there is another choice. I can cheat the primaries and run on the usual vote for me for vote for the crazy commie candidate. Auditing very county in TX ensures that the people truly have a voice which in turns helps the politicians to listen better.

“ Gov. Abbott strikes me as a total fraud,” said Carlson, challenging McLaughlin to prove him otherwise. “He could just say, ‘This is our state. It’s the state of Texas, and we’re not putting up with this crap, and we’re gonna seal our border because it’s our state.’ But he’s refusing to do that.”

McLaughlin agreed, citing how a bill to finish the border wall was killed in a Texas Legislature committee, despite massive public support. He added that eventually a politician should ask himself, “Am I gonna do what’s right for the American people, or am I gonna do what’s right to get elected?”

Tucker Carlson Calls Abbott ‘Total Fraud’ During Interview With Uvalde Mayor