No more voting, $$, campaigning. Only calls and human persuasion I.e. the poor widow & corrupt judge.

“ The paradigm shift that must be recognized is that the “Republican” elected officials are doing exactly what they want, which is to NOT pass legislation that reduces property taxes, ends abortion, restricts the governor’s actions during an “emergency,” ends taxpayer-funded lobbying, or any of the other priorities that rank-and-file Republicans have wanted for decades.

With the correct framing, it is as obvious as it is painful. The dealer and the players do not want to pass this legislation. If they wanted to, they could. They have the legal authority and the power. And for goodness’ sake, they have had 19 years with a controlling trifecta to do it. Yet, nothing.

The good news is that the scam only works until the suckers become wise to the game.”

Francis: Texas Politics Is 3-Card Monte, and We Are the Suckers.