Soaring Eagle

“I am a fairly avid consumer of political news, and I watched the live coverage of President Trump’s address to the Naval Academy graduates at their commencement ceremony. (If you happened to miss the inspiring speech, Rick Moran’s coverage of it was excellent. But Rick and I, and probably you, did not hear about the fact that the President of the United States, a 71 year old man, stood in the Maryland sun and heat, wearing a suit jacket, and took the time to shake the hand and thank every single one of the 1,191 graduates. I learned of this via Glenn Reynolds and The Newly Press.”

“Just to be clear, we’re not citing this one report as a be-all and end-all for competitiveness or even for the fate of the economy. Nor are we in the forecasting business.

But others are, and among them have been some of Trump’s fiercest critics. To read what they wrote and said, the U.S. returning to No. 1 in competitiveness wouldn’t just be unlikely — it would be impossible.”


“Candace Owens tweeted in response to Ben Shapiro: Kim has been working tirelessly to get a black woman pardoned from prison. He is not “worshipping” a celebrity, he is working with an American who is dedicated to prison reform in the black community.”


“No wonder Normal Americans turned to someone like Donald Trump when these pathetic losers were only offering us more defeat and more humiliation at the hands of our enemies in the culture war.

We reject the bizarre notion that we are somehow obligated to stoically take guff from people who despise us without responding because doing so is “unconservative.” We decline to be commanded by conscientious objectors.”

“A seasonally adjusted 35 percent of small business owners reported they have increased labor compensation in order to recruit new employees or retain the ones they already have, the National Federation of Independent Business found in its May jobs report. That was the highest share since the NFIB began asking about wage increases in 1986.”


“The Chick-fil-A response is sui generis, but it’s also a corollary of the booming Trump economy, the likes of which America has not seen since the Reagan era.

The left has already lost the Midwest, due to Hillary Clinton’s still sniveling disdain for Midwesterners.  Now it’s lost a bigger share of the worker base with this Chick-fil-A example, which, as Tamny notes in his piece, is actually being copied elsewhere, at plumbing businesses and the like.”


“As we posted last week, Texas Democrats had their lowest runoff turnout since 1920.  It was shocking, and most Democrats are still trying to put a happy face on it, connecting that turnout figure with the blue wave.”


““These community banks are vital for local lending and have a direct stake in the success of their neighborhoods and their states. Local businesses have few other resources and few other ways of getting credit. And for many Americans, these small banks are the only financial institutions in their entire community. They made their communities work, and they’ve been essentially shut down,” Trump said.”


“The change in total nonfarm payroll employment for March was revised up from +135,000 to +155,000, and the change for April was revised down from +164,000 to +159,000. With these revisions, employment gains in March and April combined were 15,000 more than previously reported.

At the same time, the US unemployment rate dropped again, sliding to 3.8%, matching the lowest print hit back in April 2000, and the lowest going back all the way to November 1969. In fact, unrounded the unemployment rate was 3.755%, suggesting we were 0.01% away from a 3.7% print.”


“The unemployment rate for black workers hit new record lows in May, the Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Friday.

Black unemployment fell sharply to 5.9 percent, beating out the 6.6 percent record low that was set a month earlier.

The unemployment rate for Hispanic workers hit a record low in April, at 4.8 percent, but it rose slightly to 4.9 percent in May.”



“Donald Trump gets it.  This is the man who turned a lucky gift from his father into a worldwide corporation worth billions. Then, on top of that already incredible success, Donald Trump also become the President of the United States.  The man wins.  It’s just what he does.


Heck, less than two years into his first term, Trump has already possibly ended the six decade Korean War, shattered a number of economic records, and dropped joblessness into the basement – undoing years and years of former President Barack Obama’s handiwork in normalizing the entitlement culture in our country.”


“Meanwhile, other demographic groups left out of previous recoveries are now suddenly doing better — a lot better.

Those lacking a high-school diploma, long considered to be economic dead-enders, are doing much better, thank you. Their unemployment rate fell from 5.9% to 5.4%. For those with a high school diploma, the rate dropped from 4.3% to 3.9%. If you lack a bachelor’s degree but have some college, your rate dropped from 3.5% to 3.2%.

You almost have to try to not have a job these days.

And it’s happening in a broad swath of industries: education, health care, retailing, restaurants, hotels, construction, you name it. Oh yes, and wages rose to an average $26.92 an hour, a 2.7% gain from a year ago.”


“The root cause of the refusal of most black Americans to vote for Republicans rests squarely with the Democratic Party establishment (which includes the media and much of the education structure) that has convinced most blacks that the Republican Party is a racist party. Every election cycle, Democrats go into black communities and preach hatred against Republicans and get blacks to cast a protest vote against Republicans — not a vote for Democrats.”


“Republican leaders would also do well to emphasize the prison reform, school choice programs and the faith-based initiative implemented by President Donald J. Trump — all issues that do resonate with black voters.”

I remember the assurances of : WWIII, ISIS running amuck, NK & other foreign leaders going ballistic (literally), homosexual persons being rounded up, women losing the ability to work, fascism taking over America, and the economy tanking. What I saw during the campaign, and see afterwards is very different.


“And yet the American people were told something very different in November 2016 and in the months leading up to the election: A Trump victory could single-handedly, in the words of The Washington Post, “destroy the world economy.”

Of course, no such thing happened. Despite these apocalyptic predictions by the nation’s pundit class, there’s been no evidence of any humility going forward.”


“Nonfarm payrolls increase by 223,000 in May, vs 188,000 estimate”


“It was also encouraging that this growth has been focused on the private sector instead of the public sector. Under President Trump, the federal workforce has actually been trimmed by 24,000 jobs. Although it is only a small decrease in a bureaucracy that includes almost 2.8 million workers, it is a step in the right direction.”


Think how easy it is to run DNC statements at midterm. MAGA


Black unemployment is at an all-time low. Wages are rising again.

Minority leader Pelosi trashed the unemployment number as meaningless and bad for the middle class.”


“In any other climate, in any other atmosphere, this would be leading every cable newscast, and everybody would be happy about it, because this is restoring America’s wealth. Exactly one of the many things Trump said that he was gonna do. Make America rich again, “Make America Great Again.” You know the refrain. He talked endlessly of restoring America’s wealth, and here it is happening. This is the story of the decade. My friends, Barack Obama…


“I’m not making this up. Barack Obama literally for eight years tried to tell people that our best days were behind us; that we had to get used to a new normal. You remember this. It was probably very likely that we were finished with the days where kids could routinely be expected to do better economically than their parents. And the reason for this, Obama said, was that all of this great economic history in this country was not all that deserved.”



“We applaud the Korean leaders’ historic step and appreciate their political decisions and courage,” foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying told a regular press briefing.


“We hope and look forward to them taking this opportunity to further open a new journey of long-term stability on the peninsula.” She also cited a poem that reads: “We remain brothers after all the vicissitudes; let’s forgo our old grudges, smiling we meet again.”


“President Trump was inaugurated on January 20th, 2017, 500 days ago.  Since then his accomplishments are nothing short of miraculous.  In spite of massive attacks from the MSM, an investigation created through the efforts of the prior corrupt administration, and a Democrat Party that does all they can to derail him, the President kept his promises and did all he could to Make America Great Again.  The results speak for themselves.”