Soaring Eagle

“The recruitment of farm labor in the United States is difficult because other U.S. employers offer higher wages than offered by fruit farmers who face growing foreign competition from cheaper-labor rivals.”

I remember hysterical reporting that Trump would destroy relations with Mexico.

The Mexican president congratulated President Trump on his will to make this happen.

The Mexican President also gave a shout-out to Jared Kushner.”

“News of the deal appeared to reassure investors that the Trump administration can make solid progress on trade deals.”

“I am an AFL-CIO member, industrial electrician, 33 years, and all I’ve heard out of my Democratic buddies was how great the Democrats were for us. And then we got this 1% was the new “get used to it” growth rubbed into our face. In my line of work I watched all these factories closing, and our work was dwindling. Unionism has dwindled down to nothing, and the Democrats have pissed me off irregardless of what the crap the news media puts out. The Democratic Party has made me so mad you can’t see straight, I’m through with ’em.” #WalkAway

“Braidy Industries is opening a new aluminum mill in the northeast Kentucky region after President Trump implemented a ten percent tariff on imported aluminum to protect American industry and jobs.”

A new survey, conducted by the Harris Poll, found that 85 percent of blue-collar workers said their lives are advancing in “the right direction.”