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Unlawful Election Procedures
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Is Your County Following Texas Election Codes?

CWPP, (County-Wide Polling Place Program)
Violations of Texas Election Codes Ch. 66 (authorized by TX EC 43.007 and + TX SoS Advisory Code 2019-23

Section 6, SS 5(b)).

Voting in-precinct is prescribed by the Texas Election Codes listed above. The TX SoS has authorized the violation of above stated Election Codes by advising counties to allow voting anywhere in the County, despite reports still being compiled by Precinct, obfuscating the practice of reporting county totals and obfuscating a full, auditable paper trail. Is your county part of the County-Wide Polling Place program?

Ballot Preparation, (Numbering and Placement)

Violations of Texas Election Codes 52.062 and 62.009, TX SoS 2019-23 Section 13.

Texas ballots are prescribed by the above stated Texas Law, as well as TX SoS advisory codes listed above, to be prepared by being numbered consecutively beginning with the number 1. There is no guidance allowing for a “dynamic” other style of numbering system. The voter, and only the voter, should be aware of their own ballot number per election cycle. No log should exist of assigned ballot numbers, and the voter must retain their ability to summon their individual record if need be. Are your ballots numbered according to the above stated election codes?

Unlawful Registrations, (Phantom Voters)

Violations of Texas Election Codes: Chapters 13-17

Form 17-1 is the form a County Registrar shall issue to a suspected unlawfully registered voter. If any canvasser, auditor, neighbor, or election ocial calls into question a voter’s registration, after investigation into the county’s voter rolls, brings to the county registrar’s attention, that registrar should take steps to confirm the suspicious registrations using the proper SOS forms. Is your county harboring unlawful registrations?

Rally Stations, (with or without Wifi Data Transfer)

No Authorization Exists. Need to observe if Chain of Custody is preserved.

There is nothing in either the State Statutes, Election Codes, nor the Advisory Codes authorizing the use of Rally Stations/ Sites, and the act breaks Chain of Custody. Is your county using this procedure?

Refusal to Produce Early Vote Tapes, (Result Tapes per Polling Location)

Potential Violations of Texas Election Codes 1.010 and SoS Advisory Codes 2019-23, Section 6, SubSection 5(b)

Are your county election ocials refusing to produce the early vote results tapes by polling location as prescribed by the above stated TX Election Codes and Secretary of State advisory codes?

Commercial, O-The-Shelf Components, (Any Scanners, Printers or Tabulation Equipment that is not HART or ES&S brand, being used in Ballot Board/ Central Count)

This vernacular is being used Nationwide to describe uncertified equipment being used in the administration of our elections.

There is a chance your county is using o-brand equipment for a certain amount of scanning/tabulation of either Mail-In ballots, Adjudicated ballots, Signature Verification, Ballot Printing or any other manner of managing election records?

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