Voter Integrity The Most Important Issue

Dear friends,

Sen Hall with some restraint says voter integrity is one of the most important issues before society in general and the current Texas Legislative session in particular. It is the only point of modest disagreement I find in his excellent procedural solution to voter fraud.

Micah & I labored over many episodes of the fundamental importance of election honesty. If you so choose, you can review our discussion. Eventually, the fraud will come knocking at your door about something you care deeply about.

Texas is half way through its legislative session. It will be two years before voter integrity will be dealt with at the state level. We have this moment to make sincere reform.

For those viewers in other states or countries, one might find some application in Sen Hall’s proposal. As we have found out, election integrity is both a local and national concern. Cheating and stealing, as all sin does, permeates surrounding communities.