Who is Beto?

to set the scene for Beto to run for the Presidency on the Democrat ticket, the leftist media has to explain away the fact that he went to an elite boys’ boarding school and to Columbia University in NYC – both very expensive ventures. 

The media must try to figure out a way to make Beto look as if he is a common man who relates to the downtrodden — not someone who comes from “White privilege.”  The facts indicate that he actually came from a wealthy family with lots of political pull and with possible ties to the El Paso/Mexico cartels. [No wonder Beto “loves” free trade with Mexico!]

Because Beto exhibited early signs of rebellion against societal norms, had several altercations with the police, misbehaved frequently, lacked self-control, and was involved in alcohol/drug abuse, his step-grandfather (ex-military) wanted to “rescue Beto from himself” by sending him to the elite boys’ boarding school for the last two years of high school. He graduated from Virginia’s Woodberry Forest School in 1991. 

Beto graduated from Columbia University in 1995, and he was arrested soon after that for committing a burglary at the University of Texas El Paso with two other people.