Why I Blog

Some of my family has expressed concern for me using my real identity because of these types of attack. Why not post anonymously in the dark intellectual web some wonder? It is an altogether reasonable request and a number of bloggers & posters have chosen this route.

For me, I have ‘too much skin in the game’, as the saying goes. I do not want to be asked by my grandchildren and great grandchildren, Mamaw, “Why were you silent?” If we cannot have honest rational dialogue, what is left? Subjugation and violence. My blog is an attempt to foster spiritual and rational thought.

Fear of retaliation, in various forms, is one reason why my use of FB has diminished. It is useful for some to let them know of my recent blog posts.
Fake News:”With the apparent shaming of her for being manipulated by Russians, CNN gave American trolls a green light to harass her on social media. She isn’t hard to find, as only one “Florine Gruen Goldfarb” appears in the search function on Facebook.” Violence against and elderly Trump supporter

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