The Great Adventure Timeline For Protestant and Already Purchased Bibles I

Dedicated to my loved ones who were given Bibles

  1. Why The Great Adventure Timeline method?

– Organized way of remembering and understanding the Bible via a narrative. Knowing how the Lord works through history, from an organized storyline, helps to understand Him better.

– Analogy Human Body



Muscles and connective tissue


Hair & Nails

Skeleton is The Great Adventure Timeline

  1. The Bible is made up of many books. Library of different authors and different genres. Common to lose one’s way in reading it and not understanding the big picture, or structure. Seeing how the books of the Bible fit together as a narrative (historical), one can read it through and not get lost. Conversely one can read a supplemental book of poetry (ex/ Psalms) within its historical setting. When Israel divides, it gets confusing which prophet is speaking to which kingdom, North or South. The timeline is helpful in keeping track of who is saying what.
  2. In the beginning of my biblical studies the Great Adventure Timeline was just in its infancy
  3. Lecture by Tim Gray & Jeff Cavins at Georgetown with approx. 15 yr old daughter who is now 36-37 yrs

[She will go onto to teach Salvation History in a variety of parish settings & I taught all 7 of my children plus parish settings]

  1. Timeline Ted made compared to the slick and detailed chart available now. Truthfully, the more one interacts with this method, which is the purpose of this video, the more one will understand and retain the information.

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