Catholic China

“In the words of Vatican II’s Theological Commission, because the pope is especially accountable to the Lord, he is “also bound to revelation itself, to the fundamental structure of the Church, to the sacraments, to the definitions of earlier councils, and other obligations too numerous to mention.” All this is at stake in Francis’s decision to give the Communist Party of China the right to initiate and supervise episcopal appointments. Faithful bishops are bound, for their part, to refuse to recognize the legitimacy of this concordat and to recognize as brother bishops those who were appointed before it rather than those appointed under it.

First Things

MEN OF LAWLESSNESS by Douglas Farrow 9 . 25 . 18

“Chinese Catholics of the underground church who have suffered for their steadfast opposition to the Communist government out of fidelity to Rome “now feel like the rug has been pulled out from under them” as Francis has yielded to government demands for a role in the naming of Catholic bishops in the country, Allen said.”

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