China News

Absurd is a charitable word.

“Burke further criticized the claim by Vatican Archbishop Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo that the Communist Chinese state is exemplary in demonstrating Catholic social justice teaching — calling it “absurd.”

Count the number of times I source from the MSMs. This was worth violating my personal ban. It took a faithful long persecuted Chinese Cardinal.

“The official church has about 70 bishops; the underground Church has only about 30. The Chinese authorities say: You recognize our seven and we’ll recognize your 30. That sounds like a good trade-off. But will the 30 then be allowed to still function as underground bishops? Surely not.

They will be forced to join the so-called bishops’ conference. They will be forced to join the others in that bird cage, and will become a minority among them. The Vatican’s deal, struck in the name of unifying the Church in China, means the annihilation of the real Church in China.”


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