Chinese Catholic Church

With the utmost respect for you which is born of many decades of prayer, Cdl Zen who need to get over looking for help from Pope Francis. Get over your ‘surprise ‘, get over your thoughts clouded by past papacies. You are needed by your people, and you need to be clear in your thinking. I am so sorry it has come to this.

“In his letter he described how the underground church had seen money confiscated, with clergy having relatives disturbed by the authorities, going to jail or even losing their lives for the faith.

“But the Holy See does not support them and regards them as trouble, referring to them causing trouble and not supporting unity. This is what makes them most painful,” said Cardinal Zen.

The letter also stated that the Chinese Church did not have the freedom to elect bishops.

“The pope has said that members of the Chinese Church should be the prophets and sometimes criticize the government. I feel very surprised that he does not understand the situation of the Chinese Church,” Cardinal Zen said.”

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