Dear Colleagues who are in search of Fides et Ratio,

In your charity please consider helping Fr. Cowan a victimized priest. I have attached a portion of his story and the link to Funding Morality. Fr. Kloster is a friend of mine and recent author of an exceptional survey. A link to his article is provided.

“Rather than respecting Fr. Cowan as a victim with a valid complaint, the bishop claimed that Fr. Cowan’s whistleblowing went “against unity of the presbyterate of the diocese, “ and warned Fr. Cowan, “there may be consequences.”  Such behavior is classic retaliation that unfortunately has been repeated throughout the country. Regrettably many bishops are still not serious about cleaning up sexual activity within their dioceses and especially if chancery officials are possibly involved.

Fr. Cowan is part of a new wave transforming the Catholic landscape by reporting grave injustices that are largely being ignored by the Catholic leadership. Fr. Cowan has spoken out publically for himself and has a great deal of support among clergy as well as from local groups of lay Catholics.

As a result of going public with his allegations, Fr. Cowan is currently receiving only half of his normal salary and has been forced out of any Diocesan housing. He is currently at home with his parents and has hired a Canon lawyer.

I (Father Donald Kloster) seek to help such priests and am thus in the process of forming a pious association of concerned Catholics (priests and laymen) under the intercession of St. John of Matha in order to financially and spiritually assist priests like Fr. Cowan.  A Christian saint of the 12th century, St. John of Matha founded the Order of the Most Holy Trinity and devoted himself to the task of ransoming Christian captives from the Moors. In the spirit of St. John of Matha’s rescue of captive Christians, our association seeks to help priests whose actions are consistent with Church principles while fighting unjust decisions of their bishops.

We are looking to raise $15,000 to cover the legal fees and expenses of Fr. Cowan.

Oremus pro invicem (Let us pray for one another),

Father Donald Kloster, St. Mary’s Church, Norwalk, CT.”


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