Hierarchical Response

By no means the last diocese, or even close to it.

“The archdiocese claims that it needs to file for bankruptcy to cover the cost of sex abuse settlements. Archbishop John Wester said in a statement on Thursday, “I wish to make clear that our first and foremost concern is the victims of sexual abuse and our desire to do all we can to provide for their just compensation.”

“We believe that Chapter 11 is the most equitable way for the archdiocese to address its responsibility to the victim-survivors,” Wester opined.

At one point in the statement, Abp. Wester noted that the archdiocese’s list of credibly accused clergy and religious was “recently updated.”

During Thursday’s press conference, Abp. Wester said there are about three dozen active sex abuse claims against the archdiocese. He also noted that millions of dollars have been paid out in sex abuse settlements.”


My guess, which is only a guess, is that the worst is yet to be revealed. Time will tell.

“the information is not just about homosexuality within the Roman and Vatican clergy, but also satanic rituals, which, if true, would be beyond explosive.

On this point, faithful Catholics here in Rome and other locations of late have been speculating and quietly discussing that the evil which seems to have gripped so many levels of the Church is beyond usual human failings of sin and bad judgment, that there seems to be something directly diabolical at foot.”


The Lord will not be mocked.

“In his own lifetime, Wright never paid any price for his scandals or suffered any consequences for foisting homosexual priests on the Church. But the costs of that corruption are coming due for his protégés and former seminarians.

Wuerl’s career has more or less ended in disgrace, though he hangs on under a corrupt pope as an “apostolic administrator” and a member of Vatican congregations. And now the bill has come due for DiNardo in the form of a police raid this week on his chancery. Prosecutors are said to have seized his computer and personnel files.

What began as a theological turn away from orthodoxy and rigor in the 1960s — one which double-living prelates like Wright quietly blessed, all while posturing as “center-right,” the same stance, by the way, the Wuerls fake up — is ending in police raids, bankruptcies, and weekly scandals. “


“More useful” than a fraternal correction, he said, would be to examine the “juridical validity” of Pope Benedict’s XVI’s resignation and “whether it is full or partial.” Jesus, he said, did not give the keys of heaven to Peter and Andrew but “said it only to Peter.” Such an “in-depth study” of the resignation, he said, could help to “overcome problems that today seem insurmountable to us.”https://edwardpentin.co.uk/monsignor-bux-pope-francis-must-urgently-issue-profession-of-faith/

Sad to see it come to this.

“McKiernan described the asset-shifting trend as “a shell-game,” saying: “No one thinks for a moment that the bishop is relinquishing control of these assets, he just hopes the bankruptcy judge won’t consider them assets.”

According to some attorneys, efforts to financially separate dioceses from their parishes are futile. They argue that dioceses will still be culpable for any parish forced to pay damages of whatever kind.

Speaking to CBS, New Mexico attorney Paul Linnenburger warned dioceses can no longer absolve themselves of responsibility for clerical sex abuse.

“The writing is on the wall now,” Linnenburger said, “and it’s going to come out and once it does, the people of New Mexico are finally going to see and understand just how much damage the church did to them over decades.”