Hierarchical Response

Not.one.more.penny. “At a time when the Church is mired in a deep crisis regarding homosexual clergy, there is no way the Church’s bureaucratic infrastructure can afford to be caught aiding and abetting the LGBT lobby and agents in support of the Culture of Death. And yet, here is just one more example of the serious problems with the moral laxity at the USCCB. If the USCCB is willing to turn a blind eye to this, or claim that it missed a problem so egregious and easy to find such as this, then the USCCB cannot be trusted to police itself at all and should be shut down until every program, every employee, and every agenda can be fully scrutinized in a completely transparent manner. At the very least, the CCHD should be eliminated and the money returned to each and every Catholic donor who believed that their money was being used in a proper, Catholic manner.” http://www.lepantoinstitute.org/catholic-campaign-for-human-development/usccb-gives-240000-to-group-promoting-planned-parenthood-prostitution-lgbts/

Repudiation it is.

“Anyone familiar with the past two papacies might think we already have quite a rich, profound, and faithful “elaboration” of such matters in the Theology of the Body, Familiaris Consortio, and institutions like the original John Paul II Institute on Marriage and the Family.

As we’ve seen in the way that the JPII Institute has been re-configured, however, it wouldn’t be wrong to think that the elaboration spoken of here may really be more of a repudiation of all that – and the Church’s long tradition on sex, marriage, and family.”


“What has become public that still doesn’t shake these men from their coma?

McCarrick, Wuerl, hundreds of revelations about seminarians being assaulted, a South American gay seminarian pipeline in existence for decades, rectors being pulled once all of it becomes public, cardinals bald-face lying about what they know, 15 state-level investigations, two separate federal investigations with a much larger one looming according to Church Militant sources in D.C., three testimonies from a former papal ambassador now fully corroborated, a synod used and abused to advance further erosion of the faith

— what else in Hades has to happen to shake the cowardly bishops, particularly in America, from their Rip Van Winkle-like comas?”


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