Hierarchical Response

“No, this is not like the nihil obstat at all and it is indeed much more like “Soviet style censorship”. You can bet this is a plan to squelch debate and quash the independent journalists, bloggers and writers who keep stirring up the sludge pond.

I don’t suspect there is really anything to be concerned about. Rome has always tried to get the devils back into Pandora’s Box once they’ve flown. No system of certification is going to stop the Catholic websites, blogs and papers from spreading fake news and wild eyed opinions.

If they were really concerned about such things they would have made the National Catholic Reporter remove “Catholic” from their name.”


Which Church might be helping these illegal aliens? Maybe the one who organized a postcard campaign and is quite comfortable with using money nefariously?Project Veritas Church Beto.png

This is the problem. Worrying about scandal more than sanctity. Secrecy is the ether of this massive, massive scandal. #CatholicSilentNoMore

“It was from a woman who was worried that there would be a “media scandal” if Pope John Paul II went to Newark, the retired diplomat stated, because of rumors “about McCarrick’s behavior with seminarians.”

The woman was not making a complaint but tabling a concern.”


“Our beloved myth exploded. Twin Cities Catholics like me came face-to-face with an unpleasant fact: the orthodox Good Clerics hadn’t taken over from the Bad “Spirit of Vatican II” Clerics and cleaned house. The Good Clerics were buddies with the Bad Clerics. They did everything in their power to protect the Bad Clerics—even violating moral, civil, and canon law on their behalf. We’d believed there were two sides in the Church: orthodoxy and heresy. We often cheered for the clerics on our “team” and booed the other guys. But we were wrong. Everyone in the chancery was working together…against us.”

“Consider the auxiliary bishop, who “leads” the flock of a fictitious “titular see” while actually assigned to help another bishop lead his flock. This novelty was invented under Pope Leo X just before the Reformation. The idea of a bishop leading a non-existent see would have baffled the fathers of the church. But it helped dioceses get very, very big. In England, in 1086, the entire country had around 1.7 million residents, and, by my count, twenty dioceses: about 85,000 people per diocese.

Today, the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis alone has 3.1 million residents, of whom nearly 850,000 are Catholic. In medieval times, our diocese would be split into ten, twenty, even forty smaller dioceses, with scaled-down bishops who’d have no choice but to share “the smell of the sheep.” Instead, with help from the auxiliaries, the archbishop is able to run his unthinkably large and unaccountable archdiocese more like a corporation—a corporation desperate to protect its assets.

And the Twin Cities is not even close to the worst of the mega-dioceses.”

For an excellent consideration of the topic Mega-Diocese I refer you to Taylor Marshall’s video.

Published on Aug 15, 2018

Dr Marshall discusses how the invention of the Catholic “Mega-Diocese” has led to sexual scandals, corrupt clergy, and runs contrary to the principle of subsidiarity. He lays out the case in light of Moses and Jethro in Exodus 18 and makes recommendations on how to fix this problem that originated with Pope Leo X and the advent of “auxiliary bishops.”

“I don’t think we’ll have clear-cut answers during this pontificate. Ambiguity is a distinctive trait of the Church these days. I honestly don’t know how this is going to end. I have no elements to predict Viganò’s future, either. But it certainly saddens me very much to see that a man like him, a true servant of the Church, is forced to live in hiding. It’s truly inadmissible, especially in today’s Church, where there’s so much preaching about “dialogue.” https://www.churchmilitant.com/news/article/rome-pressures-publisher-to-restrict-book-on-whistleblower-vigano

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